Election Day, Nov. 6, 2018: The hot topic is recreational marijuana NOT candidacy! Your vote counts!

An overwhelming majority of Millennial’s (70%), Gen X’s (66%), and Baby Boomers (56%), support legalizing adult-use marijuana. No longer politically impotent adolescents unable to vote, as millennial’s grab the reins of power and become a significant voting block – their craving for legalization will become a precarious political problem for any would-be elected officials seeking to maintain their political office – that rejects reform. During the 2016 General Election, Millennial’s and Gen Xers cast 69.9 million votes combined. Alone, Millennial’s – individuals between the ages of 18 and 35 – cast approximately 34,000,000 votes. And its statistics like this that are causing some real consternation.

Group of all ages smoking cannabis together!
Image credit “The Cannabist”

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The cannabis and marijuana features.

This seemed like as good of a title as any. Many new functions and addons have been added to the secure marijuana forums and cannabis board, found here https://boards.alldaynk.com . A new project in the works of 420710247.com in the works, still not sure what to do with it. Anyway with the new addons to the cannabis board memebers now have a signiture in which to promote any affiliate links, share on social media buttons, the ability to add pictures at least, an upcoming video page, pictures you can have as an avatar as a member, and a few other things, just gotta be a member to find out!

Boards.AllDaynk.com cannabis board and marijuana forums, secure :)

Although it took a little longer than anticipated the sub-domain, boards.alldaynk.com will now always point to the secure connection of https://boards.alldaynk.com . To make a long story short the sub-domain script had to be uninstalled and re-installed in order for this to work properly. So, with that being done, a nice welcome message along with a set of simple rules is now displayed near the top of the marijuana forums and cannabis board landing page. There is still much left to be done before the daynk cannabis and marijuana community is essentially “Live” (as in the aspect of promotion). As a plus there will be more options and incentives for active members in the community as opposed to other so called cannabis forums or marijuana message boards. Possibly even “giveaways” in the future!

Alldaynk back at it again.

So, just about over a year ago I started the creation of alldaynk.com to experiment with developing online in regards to the ever expanding cannabis, slash marijuana market. Originally throwing around ideas with a friend, we figured that dank as referred to something that a person likes, should be in and of itself definitive, in such the believed terminology can be considered as; Daynk – the correct spelling for the adjective used in general to describe anything one may consider cool, rad, awe-inspiring, potent, amazing, epic, or anything one might like. As shown on the website urban dictionary.

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