Secure connections the marijuana forums and cannabis board.

Beginning the remodel, slash remake of thus far has led to this blog being created, running and adding content, also the creation of the cannabis and marijuana driven community that can be found using this secure link .

As I have added secure connections to the subdomains, the raw connection can still be typed in, so I need to figure out how to make it so that anytime someone connects to either the board or the blog the https:// should come up every time as to make a more secure experience. In addition to the main landing page of the site and the creation of the board and blog, I am learning to configure the facebook and youtube pages as well, along with coming up with a streamlined website design and logo and graphics. Needless to say things are getting put together 1 piece at a time, it seems long, but the outcome will be worth it for all to enjoy, communicate and be informed in regards to the marijuana and cannabis industry.