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Cannabis, Marijuana and CBD in 2020

Marijuana, Cannabis and CBD in the year 2020? For sure there was one thing on every cannabis and marijuana connoisseurs mind as we entered the year 2020; 4/20 FOR A WHOLE MONTH! Little did anyone expect the events to follow after the dawn of a New Year as we Lept in 2020.


*Here is a List of 2020 United States cannabis reform proposals*

Without a doubt the year 2020 came in with BANG! Or, as some would say in the midst of WWIII, if that wasn’t enough A WHOLE CONTINENT caught on fire, but wait theres more! The World-Wide Pandemic COVID-19 aka CoronaVirus-2019. What does all this mean and some would question, what is really going on? In most aspects of most of our lives right now the future remains a bit uncertain.

However, we have learned a few things and have some important upcoming decisions to make in regards to the outcome of our future! Most importantly are the upcoming elections in the United States of America. Why is this important? Because of the legalization of cannabis, marijuana and CBD for recreational and medicinal purposes, industries have achieved incredible advancements in all aspects of our daily lives (just as we knew some day it would). Politicians are now starting to change thier views and political parties (yes you read that correctly), as with companies restructuring business models and products all around the cannabis industry, which has been illegal for many years in most states and in some still is. One thing is for certain: WE LEARNED MARIJUANA and CANNABIS IS AN ESSENTIAL PRODUCT IN OUR DAILY LIVES!

WE DID GET 4/20 FOR A WHOLE MONTH ! Happy Belated 420 🙂

Following the events that have happened thus far, pay close attention to your local, regional, city, state and federal laws and candidates in regards to the industries of marijuana and cannabis. As stated previously people and companies are now supporting or flopping on something they opposed and degraded individuals and groups for decades! By Merriam-Webster standards, this would be known as a “Hypocrite” or “Hypocrisy”. WHY? Simple, money. This year as elections roll around and life as we know it starts to become semi of what we would like to call normalcy, stay vigilant in the pursuit of knowledge in regards to these people and these companies and BUY LOCAL CANNABIS, MARIJUANA and CBD PRODUCTS and BYPRODUCTS! We should by now have some relatives, friends or associates in these industries or create products involving these industries, support them and support your communities, that’s where our best future is going to come from.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Informed and above ALL, Stay Happy! ~alldaynk~

By the way Happy Leap Year and Happy 420! Below are some cannabis and marijuana memes 🙂