Alldaynk back at it again.

So, just about over a year ago I started the creation of to experiment with developing online in regards to the ever expanding cannabis, slash marijuana market. Originally throwing around ideas with a friend, we figured that dank as referred to something that a person likes, should be in and of itself definitive, in such the believed terminology can be considered as; Daynk – the correct spelling for the adjective used in general to describe anything one may consider cool, rad, awe-inspiring, potent, amazing, epic, or anything one might like. As shown on the website urban dictionary.

Essentially coming to the term AllDaynk, in which the play on words can take on a few different meanings.

Fast-forward to this blog post. After playing around with the domain name, hosting and getting a grasp on “whats out there” as far as developing online, I decided to reinvest in the project giving it a little longer and better quality of online life. As I have stated in the beginning of this post, cannabis and marijuana are still a relatively new market and thus many new opportunities, you could even go as far to say it’s in it’s infancy. Well the idea behind is to become a hub of information and community that is mainly driven by the fields of marijuana and cannabis (pun intended there:) ).