August 2016 started the creation of AllDaynk.com to experiment with developing online in regards to the ever expanding cannabis and marijuana market. Originally friends throwing around ideas, figured that dank as referred to something that a person likes, should be in and of itself definitive, in such the believed terminology can be considered as; Daynk – the correct spelling for the adjective used in general to describe anything one may consider cool, rad, awe-inspiring, potent, amazing, epic, or anything one might like. As shown on the website urban dictionary.

Essentially coming to the term AllDaynk, in which the play on words can take on a few different meanings.

In October 2017 AllDaynk.com was reinvested in, giving it a little longer and better quality of online life. Cannabis and marijuana are still a relatively new market and thus many new opportunities, you could even go as far to say it’s in it’s infancy. Alldaynk.com strives to become the most current, active hub of information and community that is mainly driven by the fields of marijuana and cannabis (pun intended there:) ).

2019 moving into the foreseen 2020 there has been measurable movements and interests in Stocks, Music and Gaming. Visit the main site for or search around here for more updates and up to date information alldaynk hyper-links.