Election Day, Nov. 6, 2018: The hot topic is recreational marijuana NOT candidacy! Your vote counts!

An overwhelming majority of Millennial’s (70%), Gen X’s (66%), and Baby Boomers (56%), support legalizing adult-use marijuana. No longer politically impotent adolescents unable to vote, as millennial’s grab the reins of power and become a significant voting block – their craving for legalization will become a precarious political problem for any would-be elected officials seeking to maintain their political office – that rejects reform. During the 2016 General Election, Millennial’s and Gen Xers cast 69.9 million votes combined. Alone, Millennial’s – individuals between the ages of 18 and 35 – cast approximately 34,000,000 votes. And its statistics like this that are causing some real consternation.

Group of all ages smoking cannabis together!
Image credit “The Cannabist”

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Keeping the writing train rolling!

Though there has been some graphical and code work completed, there is still much work yet to be done. Building the reputation of alldaynk online on such sites as reddit and facebook, also still trying to figure out some more possible marijuana forums on the alldaynk cannabis board that will get users interested and interactive, more topics with a flow to them. Adding more features on the board and blog and trying to come up with some more marijuana and cannabis friendly affiliate programs that won’t rip you off. So, in between developing graphics and code I will be doing my best to keep up on posts with updates or maybe even some randoms. Who knows, this adventure is just barely beginning! Till the next post, Blaze on!

New and exciting things!

Well, its been a busy week at alldaynk.com, just now getting an opportunity to update the update blog. Still developing boards.alldaynk.com, but in my past experience is a forum or bulletin board really ever complete? Made a new logo, icon, favicon, avatar, basically a design I can use just about anywhere with some free clipart and gimp2 which can be found here https://alldaynk.com/icon.

The main page of the site www.alldaynk.com even got a little bit of a makeover with an Easter-egg hidden somewhere on the page. The big picture is the main outline for the rest of the graphics on the boards and on this blog. Also, got affiliate banner links on those pages, now need to get it here on the blog, other than what you can find at https://blog.alldaynk.com/links/ . So, I guess thats about it for now, until next post!

Staying updated!

So, the theory behind a blog is to update as much as possible. I have been working on the forums, got a few add-ons I’m sure registered users and guests will like. Also, I just purchased a new OS (Operating System). So more online projects will be in the works!  Including my homepage of alldaynk.com. More to come!